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Research Briefs

One-page synopses of Wyoming Water Resources Center funded research projects and results distributed to the public and other research institutions.
RB91-01 Open conduit flow through the Madison limestone as determined from seasonal fluctuations in the discharge chemistry and temperature of Periodic Spring, Salt River Range, Wyoming
RB91-02 Biological response of fish populations to increased minimum flow
RB92-01 Development of In-Situ Sensors for the Detection of Groundwater Contamination
RB92-02 Development of a Chemical and Biological Method to Reclaim Alkaline Solid Wastes
RB92-03 Modeling groundwater flow and contaminant transport
RB92-103 Evaluation of Irrigation Diversions and Return Flows
RB93-04 Irrigation Decisions When Water Supplies from Storage are Uncertain: Drought Impacts on Farm Profit in the Green River Basin
RB93-104 Environmental Effects of Saline Oil-field Discharges on Surface Waters
RB93-105 The Influence of Wind-blown Material on an Alpine Water Catchment, Snowy Range, Wyoming
RB94-01 Depth-to-Groundwater Relationships for Three Riparian Species/Assemblages in Southeastern Wyoming
RB95-01 The Influence of Channel and Riparian Zone Types on Muddy Creek's Water Discharge and Sediment Transport (1986-1991)
RB94-02 Removal of Nitrate from Ground Water Utilizing A Chemical Reduction Process: A Preliminary Evaluation
RB98-01 Citizen's Network for Monitoring Groundwater Quality in Goshen County, Wyoming: An Educational and Outreach Project