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Wyoming Water Planning Report No. 5
Water Resources Series No. 19


Frank J. Trelease Theodore J. Swartz
Paul A. Rechard Robert D. Burman
July 1970

It is essential that irrigation water requirements and consumptive uses of water be known, when planning for water resource development at any level of government. The Blaney-Criddle Method of estimating consumptive use was chosen to provide guidelines of water use throughout Wyoming because it is widely accepted, is easy to use, and utilizes readily available climatic data. A digital computer program for solution of the method was prepared and data for fifty-six climatological stations in Wyoming are presented.

Key Words: Consumptive Use, Effective Precipitation, Climatic Data, Evapotranspiration, Irrigation Practices


This report was prepared through a cooperative arrangement among the staff members of the Wyoming Water Planning Program of the State Engineer's Office, and the Water Resources Research Institute and the Agricultural Experiment Station of the University of Wyoming. The study was directed jointly by Robert D. Burman and Paul A. Rechard of the University of Wyoming, and Frank J. Trelease of the State Engineer's Office. Collection of data and preliminary calculations were done by Theodore J. Swartz; Ralph W. Goodson wrote the computer program; John D. Alyea of the United States Weather Bureau (ESSA) assisted in providing climatological data. The report was published by the Wyoming Water Resources Research Institute under a contract with the Wyoming State Engineer's Office and the Office of Water Resources Research of the Department of the Interior under PL 88-379.


Chapter 1 - Introduction

Method of Estimation
Other Methods

Chapter 2 - Procedure

Consumptive Use Equation
Consumptive Use Coefficients
Effective Precipitation
Calculation of Consumptive Use

Chapter 3 - Consumptive Irrigation Requirement

Calculated Consumptive Irrigation Requirement of Crops at Wyoming Weather Stations
Variability of Consumptive Irrigation Requirement
Use of Data

Selected References

Appendix 1 - Computer Program for Computing Consumptive Use of Blaney-Criddle Method

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