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Water Talk Videos


Hubert, Wayne 1/27/89
Populations and Habitat Changes Associated with an Increase in Maximum Flows of Douglas Creek, Wyoming
Williams, Steve 3/17/89
Microbial Biocycling of Selenium
Fassett, Gordon 3/31/89
Allocation and Management of Water Resources in Wyoming
Kircher, J. 4/7/89
Overview of USGS Activities in Wyoming
Schmal, N. 4/21/89
Historical Impacts of Railroad Tie Drive on Stream and Riparian Habitats
Huntoon, Peter 4/28/89
Transient Storages in Uplift Sedimentary Sections in Wyoming and its Role in Recharge to Major Aquifers
Adams, John C. 5/5/89
Direct Viable Count: New Methodology for Determining Bacteria in Drinking Water
FALL 1989
Case, Jim 9/8/89
Geologic Hazards in Wyoming: Planning for Future Water Projects (1h:02m:00s)
Lowry, Sue 9/15/89
Economic Evaluation of Riparian Reclamation at Muddy Creek, Wyoming (0h:58m:20s)
Seytoux, M. 9/22/89
Water Rights and the Conjunctive Management of Surface and Ground Waters
Parker, M. 9/29/89
Streams, Riparian Zones and Water Quality (1h:00m:23s)
Wiley, R. 10/6/89
Riparian (Streamside) Habitat Fisheries Concerns
Ostresh, Larry 10/20/89
Computer Generated Wyoming Water Atlas (0h:51m:05s)
Bozek, M. 10/27/89
Variability in Habitat Use by Young Trout
Pratt, Beth 11/3/89
Wyoming's Non-Point Source Management Plan (0h:54m:12s)
Wesche, Tom 11/10/89
Sediment Transport in High Mountain Streams (0h:55m:58s)
Snider, J. 11/17/89
Chemical Composition of Snow and Cloud Water at Elk Mountain Observatory
Guenther, P. 12/1/89
Effects of Minimum Pool Levels on Trout in Small Wyoming Reservoirs
Sturges, D. 12/8/89
Snow Fencing to Increase Water Yield (0h:50m:02s)
Doelger, N. 1/19/90
Coal Bed Methane in the Powder River Basin (0h:37m:07s)
Reddy, Katta 1/26/90
Measurement of Calcite Ion Activity Products in Soils as Related to the Quality of Water
Michelsen, Ari 2/2/90
Potential Role of Option Contracts for Solving Urban-Agricultural Drought Water Supply Problems
Smith, S. 2/9/90
Efficient Groundwater Drawdown Model Using Finite Layer Method
Edwards, M. 2/16/90
Forest Ecological Survey
Marwitz, John 2/23/90
A Review of Winter Cloud Seeding Experiments and Results
Grigg, Neil 3/2/90
Western Water Issues for the 1990s
Henszey, Bob 3/9/90
The Hydrology of Wet Meadows Along the Platte River in Central Nebraska
DeBrey, Larry 3/23/90
Impact of Sediment on the Aquatic Insects of High Mountain Streams: Much Ado About Nothing?
Middleton, M. 3/30/90
Soluble Salts and Sediments Along Degraded and Improving Riparian Zones in Southwest Wyoming
Marston, Richard 4/6/90
Geomorphic Changes in the Snake River, Grand Teton National Park
Skinner, Quentin 4/20/90
Evaluation of Water Movement through Combusted Oil Shale Using the Watershed Climate and Simulation Laboratory
Carron, Keith 4/27/90
Fiber Optic Detection of Water Pollutants
Adler, L. 5/4/90
An Economic Analysis of Water Resource Development in Wyoming

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Water Institute for Teachers (8mm videos)
(approximately 2 hours each)
Snowy Range Field Trip/Simulator Model 1991 (1h:44m:30s)
REAL version Requires G2 player

Cooper, Craig and Hemmer, Dennis
WIT Presentation - Riverton 1991

Water Quality Field Trip

Jacobs, Jim and Beiswenger, Ron
Social Aspects 1991

Michelsen, Ari
Introduction to Laws - Riverton 1991

Miller, Ken and Karen
WIT Presentation 1992

O'Leary, Paul
Water Quality and Groundwater Model Demonstration 1991

Wesche, Tom
Watershed 1991

Policy Session
WIT Teleconference - Laramie 1991

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Waste Management Videos

Cynthia Fridgen
Ask the Right Question #1: Critical Issues

Cynthia Fridgen and Gary Meyer
Ask the Right Question #2: The Decision Making Process

Cynthia Fridgen and Gary Meyer
Ask the Right Question #3: Landfilling

Cynthia Fridgen
Ask the Right Question #4: Materials Recovery

Cynthia Fridgen and Dilruba Rahman
Ask the Right Question #5: Returning Waste

Cynthia Fridgen and Brian Saputo
Ask the Right Question #6: Waste-to-Energy

Cynthia Fridgen and Gary Meyer
Ask the Right Question #7: Credibility

Cynthia Fridgen and Brian Saputo
Ask the Right Question #8: Tools of the Trade

Reddy, Katta J.
Development of CO2 Pressure Technique (15 min.)

Enviroshopping - Tape and Notebook (Presentation materials - 12 min.)

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Aerials of Snowy Range, Jelm, and Laramie--Unedited

The Adventures of Wally the Water Molecule

Brookings, South Dakota Class V Injection Well Demonstration Project

Casa del Agua:
Arizona's Resource for Tomorrow (27:45 min.)


Global Rivers Environmental Education Network (8 min.)

Water Seminar Original Footage Snowy Range and Hay Production in the Laramie River Basin

World Food Day:
Needs of Farms, Cities and The Environment - Growing Conflict
Tape 1 (120 min.) Tape 2 (60 min.)

Agriculture in Montana Schools

Montana Country:
Water, Soil, Grass and Trees (19:30 min.)

American Council on Science and Health
Big Fears, Little Risks

Bergman, Harold
Predicting the Effects of Acidification on Fish Population: A Modeling Strategy

Culligan International Company
Small Water Systems Capability (12:00)

Denver Dubbing, Inc.
Focus on Water: An 80th Anniversary Celebration of Water Delivery to the Garland Division of the Shoshone Reclamation Project, Powell, Wyoming 1908-1988 (28:45 min.)

Drever, James
Weathering a Susceptibility of Acid Deposition

Ecology Center of Ann Arbor
It's Found Underground (31 min.)

Educational Video Network
Stream Systems and Fluvial Process

Enviromental Protection Agency(EPA)
North Dakota Trioxide Superfund Site (Sept 1992)

Environmental Protection Agency(EPA)
Region VIII Summitville Superfund Site

Environmental Protection Agency(EPA)
UPRR Laramie Tie Plant Superfund Site (Oct 1995)

Michigan State University
Agriculture and Ground Water Contamination: Cooperative Extension Service Exploring the Issues (19 min.)

Michigan State University Cooperative Extension Service
Ground Water and Your Family's Health (16 min.)(2 copies)

Every Tuesday Morning: Site Operators' Training Aid

Nature Company
Water: Gift of Life (50 min.)

North Slope Uintas Project
Bring Back the Natives (10 min.)

OSU Agricultural Communications
Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act: A Framework for Action (18:20)

Public Lands Council et. al
The Value of Riparian Areas (15.5 min.)

Recovery Program for the Endangered Fishes of the Upper Colorado
Swimming Upstream: The Endangered Fish of the Colorado River

What Do You Know About H2O? (22 min.)

Soil & Water Conservation District
The Challenge of Non-Point Source Pollution (57:45)

Texas Water Resources Institute
Water - The Life Giving Resource (12 min.)

TRT Water Quality (10:10)

University of Arizona
Water Transfers: An Arizona Civil War (27 min.)

University of Wyoming Cooperative Extension Service
Upland Erosion

University of Wyoming Cooperative Extension and Converse County Conservation District
Water Quality Awareness for the North Platte River Watershed:
A One Day Seminar in Douglas, Wyoming

USDA - Rocky Mountain Forest and Range Experiment Station Technology Center
A Guide to Field Identification of Bankfull Stage Stream Systems in the Western United States (31 min.) Closed Captioned

Snow Survey and Snotel (15 min.)

Water Education Foundation
H2O - 2010

Water Pollution Control Federation
Groundwater (9 min.)

Water Pollution Control Federation
H2O TV: The Groundwater Video (9:11)

Water Pollution Control Federation
Saving H20 - Conservation (8 min.)

Water Pollution Control Federation
The Surface Water Video (9 min.)

Water Pollution Control Federation
Wastewater (11 min.)

Wyoming Water Development Commission, State Engineer's Office, and Wyoming Water Resources Center
Our Priceless Asset: The Waters of Wyoming (15 min.)

Wyoming Water Development Commission, State Engineer's Office, and Wyoming Water Resources Center
Wyoming's Hidden Resource: Ground Water (0h:13m:27s)
Rough Footage from 6/20/90 Snowy Range Area

Water Resources Data System (15 min.)

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