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The Snowy Range Observatory: An Update and Review


Wyoming WRRI has developed and maintained the Snowy Range Water Resource Observatory, an intensely instrumented subalpine research watershed in southeastern Wyoming, since the mid-1960's. The original goal behind the Observatory concept had been to foster and promote long-term study of the hydrologic cycle in a high mountain watershed and the interdisciplinary relationships of various portions of this cycle to other aspects of the environment, both physical and biological. This goal was well met until the mid-1970's. As research interests shifted more toward the energy development activities occurring in Wyoming, the Observatory underwent a period of stagnation and deterioration. Since 1979, the Observatory has been rebuilt in the hope of revitalizing interest in both basic and applied watershed research. This report presents a review of the Observatory and a summary of the hydrologic and climatologic data being collected there as a research tool.

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