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Water Resources Data System User's Guide


The Water Resources Data System (WRDS) is a computerized data base with flexible methods of retrieval of various resource data. It presently consists of five major data bases: Surface Water Quantity, Water Quality (surface and ground). Climatic, Water Well Levels, and Snow Course. Each data base is then broken down into data files (see Figure 1).

The computerization process began in 1965 when WRRI started encoding all regularly reported streamflow data. All regularly reported surface and ground water quality data, climatologic and snow course data were added later. In addition, data not easily available anywhere else have been added to the system as they have been located. As the data base expanded, the number of retrieval and analysis programs also grew to output the data in a meaningful way. This report describes the WRDS in its present form and gives instructions on how it can be accessed. Previous publications describe earlier versions of the system (Embree and Cole, 1970; Embree and Larson, 1970; Smith, 1974; Smith, Pelton and Bender, 1976; Pelton and Smith, 1977; Pelton, 1979). Vicki Pelton and Meg Frantz assisted the authors of this report in the design and output of the latest system.

Presently, the WRDS is the most extensive data base of Wyoming water resources available anywhere. It provides many kinds of analytical output, and is a fast, effective way to obtain large or small amounts of information. Most requests for data are processed and sent out within 2 working days, and many are mailed the same day the request is received. New programs written to the customer's specification also can be handled, although these requests naturally take longer to complete. For additional information about the system or new programs that have been written, write to the Water Resources Research Institute, Box 3067, University Station, Laramie, Wyoming 82071, or call at (307) 766-2143. See Chapter 13 for a detailed explanation of custom programming and a list of charges for the programs described in this report.

The loose-leaf format has been chosen for this report to facilitate updates. As new programs are written and as old ones are modified revisions to the manual will become available. We hope that this will help to make the WRDS more adaptive to the water resource needs of the state.

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