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A Guide for Estimating Floods of Various Frequencies for Ephemeral Streams in the Plains Area of Northeastern Wyoming


Equations were developed to estimate the size of floods for various recurrence intervals at ungaged sites on ephemeral streams in the plains area of northeastern Wyoming. Log-log transformation of the mean and standard deviation of the flow logarithms at gaged sites were used as dependent variables. A regional weighted value of skew was applied to the study area. The logarithms of the drainage area, basin perimeter and main channel length were used as independent variables. In addition to these basin characteristics, three combined factor variables were found to be significant in the prediction equations and were also used as independent variables. The standard error of estimate for the mean value equation was 18.6 percent, and for the standard deviation value was 27.8 percent. Basins studied ranged in size from 1.60 to 535 mi2 .

A regionalized flood frequency prediction model was developed for use in northeastern Wyoming which provides flood peak flow values needed for various hydrologic design criteria.

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