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Computing Output Programs in the Water Resources Data Systems


The Water Resources Data System (WRDS) is a computerized storage, retrieval and analysis system for water resources data. The system includes surface water, water quality, water well levels, climatic and snow course data.

The computerization process, which was begun over ten years ago, is continually being revised and updated by the Wyoming Water Resources Research Institute (WRRI) to incorporate new data and technology into the system. This report describes WRDS as it is today so that potential users may make use of it. Previous publications describe the past systems at WRRI (Embree and Cole, 1970; Embree and Larson, 1970; Smith, 1974; Smith, Pelton and Bender, 1976; Pelton and Smith, 1977). Verne Smith and Sally Bender, in addition to the current author, have done a large part of the work in writing the programs and past reports for WRDS.

The current system contains a vast and growing amount of data. It is a fast, effective and easy way to obtain large or small amounts of information, eliminating considerable time tabulating and calculating by hand. Persons interested in requesting data or having questions regarding the system may write to the Water Resources Research Institute, Box 3067, University Station, Laramie, Wyoming 82071. A more expedient approach is to telephone Vicki Pelton at (307) 766-2143.

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