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Water Requirements and Application Rates for Lawns


Lawn water application rates were measured for 55 homes in Laramie and Wheatland, Wyoming, during 1975 and 1976. In addition, evapotranspiration rates were measured at both cities during 1976. Lawn water application rates in 1976 were 122 percent of the average seasonal potential evapotranspiration rates in Laramie and 156 percent in Wheatland. Individual homeowners who maintained the lowest application rates were near the consumptive use requirements of lawn grasses.

The lawns were rated on the basis of appearance and according to the percentage of total lawn area that appeared to be stressed from visual inspection. There was no significant correlation between lawn water application rates and the appearance or stress ratings. Factors such as fertilizer, overall lawn maintenance habits, and uniformity of water application apparently exert strong influences on lawn appearance and stress.

The amount of overwatering was measured in both cities. It amounted to 0.0085 acre-feet per day per acre of lawn in Wheatland while in Laramie it amounted to 0.004 acre-feet per day per acre of lawn. The average lawn size was 0.16 acres per home for the 55 homes that were monitored.

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