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Soil Hydraulic Properties Determined by Infiltration Experiments and Simulation


The objective of this study was to develop and test a method for determining the water content - matric potential relationship and the hydraulic conductivity - matric potential relationship for infiltration into soil. A computer program developed to solve the Richards equation used these relationships to simulate infiltration into soil under various conditions.

Evaluation of the proposed method consisted of conducting several infiltration experiments using soil columns from which infiltration rate-time data, the initial and final water contents, and an estimate of the hydraulic conductivity at the final water content were obtained. Simulation of the infiltration tests was performed by the computer using various parameters including the bubbling matric potential, pore size distribution index, transition values on the "(-)"(h) curve, and the hydraulic conductivity at the final water content in the previously mentioned relationship. The parameters were varied until the simulated and observed infiltration rate-time relationships agreed closely. Experimental tests were also run to determine the agreement of these parameters to those resulting from the simulation.

Results showed that the proposed method can be used to determine the above relationships by numerical simulation of infiltration.

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