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Relationship of Duration of Flows and Selected Watershed Parameters to the Standing Crop Estimates of Trout Populations


The objectives of this study were twofold: to aid in determining suitable streamflow recommendations, for trout through the use of flow duration values; and, to develop an index of potential trout productivity, utilizing watershed parameters that were found to be significantly related to standing crop estimates.

The 25 percent ADF flow level recommended by Wesche (1973) was equaled or exceeded an average of 55 percent of the time during the summer months in streams with good trout populations, as compared to an average of 15.8 percent of the time in streams with poor populations.

Seven watershed parameters were found to be significantly related to standing crop estimates in small Wyoming streams. Four of the parameters, drainage area, total stream length, mean basin elevation and forested area were utilized in development of an index equation for the potential trout productivity. Calculated results of the index were found to show a general relationship between geomorphic characteristics and standing crop estimates.

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