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Systems Simulation of Economic Factors and Their Relation to the Water System of Wyoming's Platte River Basin


That portion of Wyoming within the North Platte River Basin is likely to feel substantial pressure for development in the next decade. The availability and cost of water will be important considerations in future development plans for this area. The present economic structure of the Basin has been strongly influenced by existing water development projects. Future efforts to develop additional water supplies will be evaluated in terms of the benefits and costs associated with new and expanded growth opportunities, as well as the beneficial and detrimental impacts that will be imposed on the existing environmental and economic structure of the Basin. This study examines the potential for designing an economic model of the Basin, using simulation techniques of analysis, for use in evaluating development impacts that are likely to occur in the near future. A hydrologic model of the Basin is also being developed, using simulation techniques, and it is intended that the two models will eventually be integrated.

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