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The Effects of Varying Land and Water Use on Streamflow Regimen


The effects on streamflow regimen of converting an irrigated area to dry land, with concurrent transportation of the water to a municipality located several miles from the original point of use, were studied.

A water budget of the City of Laramie, Wyoming was made on a daily basis from May 1, 1965 to September 30, 1967. All inflows to the system were monitored and the outflow to the river observed. The effect of the municipality's water supply system on the streamflow regimen was determined.

Both an inflow-outflow study and Blaney-Criddle analysis were made on the use by agriculture. Return flows approximating twenty percent of diversion should have been evidenced.

A comparison of type of use on the streamflow is presented for both the same annual volume of diversion and the same maximum rate of diversion.

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