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Progress Report of The Effects of Varying Land and Water Use on Streamflow Regimen


Urban growth in the West results in changing the patterns of streamflow in one or a combination of three ways. These are:

  1. The variation in consumptive use as particular areas change from irrigated agricultural land to municipalities;

  2. The peculiar hydrologic characteristics of urban areas that result from "roofing over" the natural drainage basin; and

  3. The effects on streamflow regimen of converting an irrigated area to dry land with concurrent transportation of the water to a municipality located many miles from the original point of use.

It is a study of this latter effect that is reported in this paper.

The consumption of water by the City of Laramie and by an area north of the City irrigated from the Oasis Ditch was determined on a daily basis from May 1 until September 30, 1965. The regimen of the Laramie River was evaluated by measuring daily flows at four different locations during the same period. Tabular results are presented and discussed. Recommendations for further study are included.

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