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WWRC 93-12
Wyoming's Water Resources


Water concerns cut across all lines; it's important to agriculture, municipalities, industries, recreation, and people. Water is an important factor in the social and economic growth of any community, and for the state itself. Thus, the wise development, use, and management of this precious resource is essential.

It was indicated earlier that the state has approximately 3.6 million acre-feet of surface water that could be consumed annually. Wyoming citizens are concerned about the economic effects of allowing unappropriated surface waters to leave the state. To develop this water, state water development officials need reliable information on the benefits that would be generated by the major water dependent sectors of agriculture, coal-energy industry, and recreation. The state agencies and the University of Wyoming need to work together in developing a framework in which development benefits and costs of using water in the three major water-dependent sectors can be computed and compared. This would provide the basis for establishing water development priorities and a sound water development policy.

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