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WWRC 93-11
Development of a More Comprehensive Water Planning Model for the State of Wyoming


Two programs (WIRSOS and HYDROSS) for modeling river systems were compared for use by the state of Wyoming. It was found that the Wyoming Integrated River System Operation Study (WIRSOS) planning model best fit the needs of the state. However, it was also found that WIRSOS did not completely satisfy every aspect of river system modeling. In fact, HYDROSS, the program of the United States Bureau of Reclamation, is much superior at modeling the operation of reservoirs in a river system, but HYDROSS is lacking in several other areas. Therefore, to improve the performance of WIRSOS, many of the reservoir modeling capabilities of HYDROSS were programmed into the WIRSOS model. The improved WIRSOS program models river systems with greater accuracy and provides for a more detailed analysis of water issues within the state of Wyoming.

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