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Duane D. StroupMay 1993
Victor HasfurtherWWRC-93-11

Technical Report

Submitted to

Wyoming Water Development Commission
Cheyenne, Wyoming


Wyoming Water Resources Center
University of Wyoming
Laramie, Wyoming

Submitted by
Duane D. Stroup
Victor Hasfurther
Department of Civil & Architectural
University of Wyoming
Laramie, Wyoming

May 1993

Contents of this publication have been reviewed only for editorial and grammatical correctness, not for technical accuracy. The material presented herein resulted from research sponsored by the Wyoming Water Development Commission and the Wyoming Water Resources Center, however views presented reflect neither a consensus of opinion nor the views and policies of the Wyoming Water Development Commission, Wyoming Water Resources Center, or the University of Wyoming. Explicit findings and implicit interpretations of this document are the sole responsibility of the author(s).


Two programs (WIRSOS and HYDROSS) for modeling river systems were compared for use by the state of Wyoming. It was found that the Wyoming Integrated River System Operation Study (WIRSOS) planning model best fit the needs of the state. However, it was also found that WIRSOS did not completely satisfy every aspect of river system modeling. In fact, HYDROSS, the program of the United States Bureau of Reclamation, is much superior at modeling the operation of reservoirs in a river system, but HYDROSS is lacking in several other areas. Therefore, to improve the performance of WIRSOS, many of the reservoir modeling capabilities of HYDROSS were programmed into the WIRSOS model. The improved WIRSOS program models river systems with greater accuracy and provides for a more detailed analysis of water issues within the state of Wyoming.


The authors wish to express sincere gratitude to several people who provided assistance, advice, and support during this research. Special thanks to Becky Mathisen of the Wyoming State Engineer's Office, who provided expertise on the WIRSOS program.

Funding was provided by the Wyoming Water Resources Center and the Wyoming Water Development Commission.

Chapter I - Introduction
Chapter II - Literature Review
Chapter III - Modifications to WIRSOS
Chapter IV - Description of WIRSOS
Chapter V - Testing the Model
Chapter VI - Summary and Recomendations
References and Appendix

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