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WWRC 86-20
Assessment of a Flow Enhancement Project as a Riparian and Fishery Habitat Mitigation Effort


As part of mitigation procedures for impacts of the Cheyenne Stage II water development project in the Little Snake River drainage, Wyoming, the flow in a previously ephemeral watercourse on the east slope of the Laramie Range is being enhanced to create a perennial stream. Water used to enhance this flow is obtained by transbasin diversion. The mitigation is being done in hopes of enhancing the riparian and fishery habitat. Currently, a comprehensive study is being conducted at the University of Wyoming to assess the results of this action and the feasibility of this strategy for application to other watersheds. The project focuses upon defining conveyance efficiency, channel development, groundwater storage, alteration of riparian vegetation, and creation of fish habitat. In this paper we describe the overall mitigation project, our study design, and preliminary results.

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