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WWRC 85-19
Microbiological Causes of Tastes and Odors in Laramie's Drinking Water


Blooms of algae tentatively identified as Asterionella and Anabaena occurred at times when tastes and odors developed in the surface water source of Laramie's drinking water during the summer of 1984. Actinomycetes were found in Laramie's surface water source but did not appear to be numerous enough to be responsible for the tastes. Filamentous algae did not become numerous enough to present a problem at the wastewater treatment facility during the summer of 1984. Selected bacteria were enumerated through the surface water treatment plant during the summer of 1984. This plant reduced numbers of bacteria from raw to finished water by 99.99 percent. Fecal coliforms survived for three months in material taken from the sedimentation basins. In some cases R2A medium was the superior medium for determining the heterotrophic plant count.

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