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The Conserve Wyoming Program


The Wyoming Riparian Association (WRA) was created to join natural resource agencies, agricultural producer groups, environmental groups and professional natural resource societies into one organization to promote sound management of riparian areas in Wyoming. It works toward this goal through education, networking, support for research, and technical assistance efforts.

One WRA initiative is an educational program called ConServe Wyoming. The purpose of the ConServe Wyoming program is to initiate (or continue) school-based, service-learning programs within Wyoming communities. Such programs are based upon involvement of students in a holistic approach to stream rehabilitation, that is designed to provide a "hands-on" component to school district efforts to implement student performance standards, and that is thoroughly integrated into the existing district curriculum.

An example of the kind of program ConServe Wyoming advocates is to be found at Kelly Walsh High School in Casper, where for several years Elizabeth Horsch, a gifted chemistry teacher, has chosen to involve her students in research related to water. The project compares one heavily impacted stream. Garden Creek, with a second, lightly impacted stream. Squaw Creek. One of Ms. Horsch's former students will share responsibility for the presentation.

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