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WWRC 97-05r
Ocean Lake Hydrologic Unit Area - Design and Accomplishments


Since 1989 a partnership made up of NRCS, CES, FSA, and local interest groups (primarily the Save Ocean Lake Committee) have worked to restore the Ocean Lake fishery to a level achieved during the 1950s' and 60s'. Drains from irrigated croplands had been actively eroding with the silts being deposited in the lake. As the drains cut into volcanic ash derived soils, the silts tended to remain suspended in the lake thus reflecting solar energy.

A number of best management practices were incorporated to stabilize the drains. These included inlet pipes, energy dissipation structures, fencing, and bank sloping. On farm practices were incorporated to reduce excess water. Surge valves, gated pipe, sprinkler systems, and water scheduling are all accepted methods of water conservation.

Presentation will include slides of the area and a discussion of the effects.

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