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WWRC 97-05n
Utilizing Watershed Management in Conjunction with Wellhead Protection in the Cheyenne Board of Public Utilities Borie Wellfield, Laramie, County, Wyoming


The City of Cheyenne has utilized groundwater from the Borie wellfield since 1945. The wellfield is located approximately 6 miles southwest of cheyenne and contains 4 municipal water wells (See Figure 1). The wells include Borie 1, Weber 1, Elkar 7 and Finnerty 2. The wells all produce from the Ogallala and/or White River Formations and range in depth from 210 feet to 395 feet The Borie 1 and Elkar 7 wells were rehabilitated in 1995 and Weber 1 was rehabilitated in 1994: Finnerty 2 is approximately 50 years old. In 1996 the City of Cheyenne decided to participate in the Wyoming Wellhead Protection Plan to protect its wells from contamination.

Lone Tree Creek is an ephemeral stream that flows east out of the Laramie Range and passes less than a mile to the south of the Bone wellfield. The stream is hydraulically upgradient from and recharges the Cheyenne municipal wells. It is estimated that it takes less than a week for water to flow 23 miles, from the headwaters of the creek to the Borie wellfield. Water from the stream takes approximately 6 years to reach the Borie 1 well, based on time of travel calculations. It is highly probable that any conservative contaminants in the creek will contaminate the Borie wellfield. To better protect the Borie wellfield, Cheyenne has begun to implement a Watershed Management Program for Lone Tree Creek, in concert with the Borie Wellhead Protection Plan.

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