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WWRC 97-05j
Water Div-II GIS: Prototype Toolbox for Dynamic Water Planning in Wyoming


While many studies have addressed various water resource issues in Wyoming's basins over the last 20 years, a comprehensive update of basin water availability and use has not been undertaken since the Wyoming Water Planning Program basin reports of the early 1970s. As a means of evaluating water supply and demand in each basin individually and in relation to the overall water resource needs of the State, an update is needed to understand how surface and ground water resources are currently being utilized. Maintaining up-to-date water resource documentation requires powerful and flexible planning tools which can manage and utilize basin inventory data in a timely and efficient manner. The primary objective of this project was to construct a geographic information system (GIS) for the purpose of developing a water resources inventory for Wyoming Water Division II in northeastern Wyoming. The project has resulted in development of a spatial digital database and associated text- and tabular-based descriptive information providing a detailed inventory of water and related land resources within the region. A second objective of the project addressed development of a customized, interactive graphical user interface for query and display of mapped and tabular information. The interface provides an infrastructure for development of tools for analyzing and modeling existing and potential water supply and demand. Finally, the project will result in an evaluation of the overall utility of GIS as a decision support tool for basin planning and the feasibility of expanding this GIS-based inventory methodology to a statewide water planning effort.

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