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Surface Water Allocation Models: BETSM-Boyle Engineering Stream Simulation Model

As water resource systems grow in complexity, water planners need a comprehensive tool for efficiently meeting growing demands with declining sources of supply and stringent regulatory requirements.

Boyle Engineering's staff of water resource engineers has developed a powerful tool to help meet the goals of today's water supply managers. BESTSM (Boyle Engineering Stream Simulation Model) is a general-purpose, data-driven water accounting and allocation simulation model. Application of the model to a particular river system requires only supplying the input data and information which defines the physical and operational characteristics of the basin. BESTSM starts with hydrology as streamflow input to the system, including simplified representations of stream-ground water interactions if appropriate. Using a linked node representation, physical features of the system, such as dams, reservoirs, diversions, canals, pipelines, and wells, are then added to the hydrology. Water quality in the form of conservative elements such as Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) can be represented and tracked using a mass balance approach. Finally, institutional/legal constraints are imposed in the form of water right priorities, operating rules, and compact requirements.

BESTSM's user-friendly data input structure, accompanied by complete documentation and report-writer capabilities, make application of the model simple and efficient. Boyle Engineers have used or are using BESTSM in the following successful applications:

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