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WWRC 97-05fff
Water Resource Management Simulator

The Water Resources Management Simulator is an interactive computer simulator developed for youth and adult water resources education programs by Montana State University. Initially developed with funding from the Bureau of Reclamation and other agencies in the early 1980's as a large computer-based interactive graphic display, the simulator has evolved as technology advanced to a software system that runs on 386/486/pentium computers. The goal for the simulation is to place participants in a decision making role, dealing with real problems and compromises involved in watershed management in a "real time", interactive simulation. The simulator may be operated by a mouse or, preferably, by audience control units that spread the decision making over several participant groups who individually control aspects of the watershed - reservoir, agricultural water supply, and municipal water supply, and who find that they must work together to effectively manage the watershed. Participants devise and evaluate water management strategies, and test these via the simulator's actual water supply and demands data.

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