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WWRC 97-05ddd
A Preliminary Estimate of the Influence of North Park, CO Irrigation Practices on the Commercial River Season in Northgate Canyon, Medicine Bow National Forest, WY


Conflicting use of a single resource is a problem that will continue to plague and employ planners involved with natural resource decisions. Solutions, mitigation, and the civility of the dialogue about a problem can be improved if the user groups can at least agree about the nature of the problem. Quantification can help this part of the process. Planners also have to evaluate situations and recommend options based on the expertise of others. Called the Delphi Method [Patton and Sawicki 1993] and likely more cynical names as well, a loose variation of this approach is used to try to estimate the impact that North Park, CO irrigation is having on the duration of the commercial rafting season on the North Platte River in the Northgate Canyon, Medicine Bow National Forest, WY.

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