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The Water Resources Data System (WRDS)


The Water Resources Data System (WRDS) is a clearinghouse of hydrological and climatological data for the State of Wyoming. WRDS offers a wide variety of products and services to its users, including retrievals for water resources information from in-house databases, CD-ROM products, and alternate data systems from across the region and/or country via the Internet. WRDS is actively migrating its databases to the World Wide Web (WWW) environment for online access by its users. Currently, both The Wyoming Water Bibliography and Water Quality databases are accessible in this manner. Cooperative data posting efforts with federal and state agencies in Wyoming have led to additional water resources information being disseminated through the site. Online data may be accessed at the following Uniform Resource Locator (URL): http:/www-wwrc.uwyo.edu/wrds/wrds.html

Funded by an allocation from the Wyoming Water Development Commission, the system strives to provide the most comprehensive compilation of water resource information available to its requesters. Operating in such a one-stop shopping environment mandates not only linkages to other databases, but also the keen awareness of who the end users are and how the data will be utilized, which can be as varied as the number of sources of information. During the 1996 calendar year, more than 580 requests for data and analyses were received and processed by the WRDS office, while thousands more visited the WRDS web site for online information.

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