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WWRC 97-05c
Loco Creek Small Watershed Project


The Loco Creek Watershed Project has proved to be a success in small watershed restoration. The Coordinated Resource Management process was used with many individuals, groups, and agencies participating and/or contributing financial assistance. Monitoring results show substantial improvement to aquatic, riparian, and upland habitats. Macroinvertabrates analysis exhibited statistically significant improvements during the project. Stream channel morphology improved with substantial reduction in stream width to depth ratio at most sites. Stream bank water storage was shown to increase as riparian system function improved. Both woody and herbaceous key riparian species showed increases in frequency, density, and height. Biological function of the system has shown dramatic change. Re-establishment of a cold water fisheries occurred in 1995, where none had existed for many decades. In 1996 beaver activity returned to the main stem of Loco Creek.

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