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WWRC 97-05bb
Cumulative Hydrologic Impact Assessments on Surface Water in Northeastern Wyoming Using HEC-1: A Pilot Study


The purpose of this study was to perform an assessment of the affect of mining on the total discharge of an impacted watershed in Northeastern Wyoming. The surface water model HEC-1 was used to model four separate rainfall-runoff events that occurred in the study basin over three years (1978-1980). Although these storms were used to represent pre-mining conditions, they occurred during the early stages of mining and the models were adjusted accordingly. The events were selected for completeness of record and antecedent moisture conditions (AMC). Models were calibrated to the study events and model inputs were altered to reflect post mining conditions. The same events were then analyzed with the new model inputs. Peak flow, total discharge and timing of flows were compared for pre-mining and post-mining models.

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