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Wyoming Water 1997: What's New In The Toolbox


Welcome to Wyoming Water 1997!

Eleven years have passed since the University of Wyoming last hosted a statewide water conference focusing on applied research and current management issues. The Wyoming Water 1986 and Streamside Zone Conference was also held in Casper and highlighted papers, presentations, and discussions dealing with a critical water issue of that time period, riparian zone management.

A lot of water has "passed under the bridge," so to speak, in those eleven years. Rapid advances in Geographic Information Systems, electronic large database management, and water modeling have expanded our analysis capabilities in the water resource management field. Watershed management and wellhead protection have come to the forefront in our efforts to enhance both the quality and quantity of our water resources. Continuing research in the areas of streamside zones, instream flows and wetland ecology are providing new information for helping us enhance our quality of life while maintaining traditional water uses. These advances in technology and our knowledge base have led to ever increasing needs for improved water resource education.

The theme for Wyoming Water 1997 is, "What's new in the toolbox?" The goal of the conference is to provide the people of Wyoming a chance to talk about their water resources and learn about new findings from applied research for better management of Wyoming's water. Over 60 papers and displays will be presented over the three days of the conference, while evening workshops will be held for "hands-on" training in GIS, Water Information Systems, and World Wide Web Technology.

These proceedings are published to provide a record of these presentations both for conference participants and for those who could not attend. The papers presented berein have undergone only minor editing and in no case were the statements or intents of the author(s) changed.

We would especially like to thank Mary Yannutz for her special contributions to the completion of these proceedings. We would also like to thank Carla Rumsey, Travis Bray, and Deedee Boysen for their assistance in the review and editing process.

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