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Chapter II
Database Updating

Although the main focus of this project was centered around locating groundwater sources, the initial work involved updating the system table. This was accomplished by distributing a "letter of intent" and a questionnaire to owners/managers of all systems containing at least one water source utilizing groundwater (Appendix A). The purpose of this mailing was two-fold: 1) obtain specific well information, and 2) update the contact information (i.e. contact name, address, and phone number). Additionally, the letter gave PWS owner(s) and/or manager(s) an understanding of the project's purpose and scope before being contacted by a WWRC employee.

Systems to be surveyed were identified by querying both the system and source tables, to find all active systems with at least one groundwater source. In total, 1000+ individual groundwater source questionnaires were mailed to nearly 800 PWS systems meeting this criteria.

Response to the survey approached 50% with approximately 400 system owners/managers replying. Information obtained from the returned questionnaires was then used to check and update changes to the system table, which proved to be a valuable resource when contacting owners/managers for property access and directions to the locations of their groundwater sources.

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