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	ID			System identification number
	SE_ID			Source identification number
	NAME			Source name
	SE_REC_TYP		Source record type - describes whether the record is related to a 
				source of water or another type of entity:
					S - Source record
					E - Entity record
					P - Plant record
	SE_CODE			Source type:
					S - Non-purchased surface water
					P - Purchased surface water
					G - Groundwater
					W - Purchased groundwater
	AVAIL			Circumstances under which a source of water is used
					P - Permanently utilized
					I - Used intermittently
					O - Used on some other basis
					S - Seasonally utilized
					E - Emergency use only
	SELLER_ID		System from which water is purchased
	LATD			Latitude degrees
	LATM 			Latitude minutes
 	LATS			Latitude seconds 	
	*LATDD			Latitude decimal degrees (used for mapping purposes)
	LONGD			Longitude degrees
	LONGM			Longitude minutes
	LONGS			Longitude seconds
	*LONGDD			Longitude decimal degrees (used for mapping purposes)
	*LL_SOURCE		Agency or group that determined latitude and longitude:
					WWRC - Wyoming Water Resources Center
					USEPA - Environmental Protection Agency
					DEQ - Department of Environmental Quality
					SEO - State Engineer Office
	*LL_METHOD		Method used to determine Latitude and Longitude:
					SUR_GPS - surveyed using differential-mode GPS
					NAT-GPS - natural resources GPS 
					NAV-GPS - navigational-quality GPS
					SUR-C - cadastral survey
					MAP - digital or manual interpolation from map or photo
					LORAN-C - Loran-C navigation device
					ADDMAT - Address matching
					PHOTO - GM Aerial photography
					SPCSCONV - State Plane conversion 
					TSRCONV - Township/Range conversion
					UTMCONV - UTM conversion
					PHOTODRAW - Digital or manual raw photo extraction
					PMTSEN - Remote sensing
					ZIP - Zip code centroid
					UNKOWN - Method unkown
	*LL_DATUM		Reference datum:
					NAD83 - North American Datum of 1983
					NAD27 - North American Datum of 1927
					WGS84 - World Geodetic System of 1984
					WGS72 - World Geodetic System of 1972
					UNKOWN - Datum unkown
	*LL_EOE			Latitude and longitudes estimate of error (+ or - ## meters) 
	*LL_DATE		Date in which position was determined
	TOWNSHIP		Township
	RANGE 		 	Range
	SECTION			Section
	QSEC 			Quarter section
	QQSEC 			Quarter-quarter section
	*ALTITUDE		Altitude
	*A_POINT		Measuring point of altitude
					A - Airline
    					C - Top of well casing
					K - Kelly Bushing
					L - Land or ground surface
					U - Underground surface (e.g. caves)
	*A_UNITS		Units used for altitude measurement (feet or meters)
	*A_SOURCE		Agency or group that determined altitude
	*A_METHOD		Method used to determine altitude
					A - Differential-mode GPS
					B - Absolute-mode GPS
					C - Surveyed from a benchmark
					D - Digitally interpolated from a map or photo
					E - Manually interpolated from a map or photo
	*A_DATUM		National reference datum for altitude
	*A_EOE			Altitude estimate of error (+- # meters)
	*A_DATE			Date altitude determined
	LASTUPDATE		Date which fields were updated
	*REASON			Why groundwater source was not located or does not have 
				associated attributes:
					PURCH - Using puchased water from other source location
					CNC - Could not contact while gathering data
					DCE - Data corruption error during post-processing GPS data
					INACT - Inactive source and/or system
					MINE - System located on mine
					NCDTF - Not completed due to funding (mainly Campbell County)
					NEW - Source new or being developed (created in 1996 only)
					NLD - Source not listed in database individually
					WNC - Contact would not cooperate with the use of GPS 
					DUPL - Duplicate within database
	*POINT_CODE		Code differentiating between source type and who located it (for 
				mapping and QA/QC purposes):
					EPA_GW - Groundwater source located by USEPA
					EPA_PGW - Purchased groundwater source located by USEPA
					EPA_SW - Surface water source located by USEPA
					EPA_PSW - Purchased surface water source located by USEPA
					WWRC_GW - Groundwater source located by WWRC

* indicates new field created by WWRC specific for project and not found within USEPA's system and source tables.

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