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	ID				System identification number
	NAME				System name
	ADDR1				System address
	ADDR2 				Additional system address
	CITY				System city
	COUNTY				System county (FIPS code)
	STATE				System State
	ZIP_4				System ZIP
	PHONE				Phone Number
	SALUTATION			Contact Salutation
	C_TITLE				Contact Title
	C_ADDR				Contact Address
	C_CITY			 	Contact City
	C_STATE				Contact State
	C_ZIP				Contact ZIP code
	C_PHONE				Contact phone number
	*UW_UPDATE			Answered UW questionnaire 1996 (Y-answered)
	IND_RESERV			Indian reservation code if system is located within one
	PWS_TYPE			Classification type of the system:
						C - Community water system
						N - Non-community water system
						P - Non-transient/non-community water system
	ACT_FLAG			System activity flag:
						A - Active
						I - Inactive
	FILTERED			Filtered source (Y-yes)
	SOURCE CODE			Primary water source for system:
						S - Non-purchased surface water
						P - Purchased surface water
						G - Non-Purchased groundwater
						W - Purchased groundwater
						Y - Non-purchased groundwater under direct surface water influence
						Z - Purchased groundwater under direct surface water influence
	SYS_BEGIN			Date system began
	DEACT_DATE   			Date system was deactivated
	D_REASON			Reason system was deactivated:
						A - System abandoned
						C - PWS exists - can't contact
						D - Duplicate PWS
						M - System merged/consolidated
						N - Not currently monitored
						O - Other
						P - Purged form inventory
						S - System discontinued
						U - Unqualified as PWS
	PCT_SURF			Percentage of system using surface water
	PCT_GRND			Percentage of system using groundwater
	PCT_P_SURF			Percentage of system using purchased surface water
	PCT_P_GRND			Percentage of system using purchased groundwater
	OWNER_TYPE			Type of PWS owner:
						1 - Federal government
						2 - Private
						3 - State government
						4 - Local government
						5 - Mixed public/private
						6 - Native American
	REG_ENTITY			Entity which regulates the PWS:
						F - Federal agencies only
						S - State agencies only
						B - Both state and federal
						N - Not regulated by either federal or state
	POP_SERVED			Population system supplies to
	SERV_CONCT			Number of service connections
	SEASON_BEG			Date when system is started for year
	SEASON_END			Date when system is shut down for year
	REQD				Minimum water samples required
	COMP_CYCLE			Compliance cycle
	BACT_LAB			Bacteria lab used for testing
	LASTUPDATE			Last update of this record
	Q1				Quarter one
	Q2 				Quarter two
	Q3				Quarter three
	Q4				Quarter four
	TAKEN				Number of samples taken
	VIO_FLAG			Violation Flag (Y-yes)
	ENF_FLAG			Enforcement Flag (Y-yes)
	COMMENTS			Additional comments relating to system

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