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WWRC 94-25
SERS Study of the Interaction of Alkali Metal Ions with a Thiol-Derivatized Dibenzo-18-Crown-6


This report demonstrates that crown ethers can be modified with thiol functionalities and anchored to silver surfaces without loss of activity. Once attached the responsivity of the crown can be examined with surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy. The crown examined was a diaminodibenzo-18-crown-6 coupled to mercaptoucotinic acid with DCC to form an amide. We found that the derivitized diaminodibenzo-18-crown-6 responded to alkali chlorides. The Kformation and selectivity were determined and followed a trend similar to that observed in aqueous solutions. An ionic strength test indicated that the phenomenon was due to the cation and not the anion. However, a larger Kformation was observed with SCN-.

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