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Quattro Pro version 3.01 was used to store and manipulate stream stage and flow data for the Greybull River. Data for the months of July, August and September 1992 are stored on the attached floppy disk. The data is presented in a format that gives 12 values for each date, that is, there are twelve two-hour average stage values and twelve corresponding flow values for an individual date. The stage values are given in feet and the flow values are given in cfs. The disk contains five files, these files are: JUL2.WQ1, AUG1.WQI, AUG2.WQ1, SEPl.WQ1 and SEP2.WQ1. JUL2.WQ1 is flow data for all stations from July 17, 1992 to July 31, 1992. AUG1.WQ1 and SEPl.WQ1 are flow values for the first half of the months of August and September, respectively. AUG2.WQ1 and SEP2.WQ1 are flow values for the second half of the months of August and September, respectively.

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