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WWRC 94-05
Conveyance Loss Modeling of Two Wyoming Rivers


Conveyance loss modeling was performed on the Greybull River and the Wind River in Wyoming using the USGS hydrologic computer model J349. The conveyance losses determined by the model present values which water regulators can use to more accurately assess downstream water users their proportionate share of the conveyance loss encountered by reservoir releases. A method is presented which estimates incremental conveyance losses for difference incremental flows on the Greybull River.

The model was found to most accurately simulate conveyance losses where flows in the river do not change more than 300 cfs during any given time simulation period and the total flow is in the range of 300 to 600 cfs. It was also found that the model is sensitive to transmissivity and storativity in determining conveyance losses which means that accurate field data is needed in calibration of this type of model.

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