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WWRC 93-17
ANN-AGNPS: A Continuous Simulation Watershed Model


The Annualized Agricultural Nonpoint Source (ANN-AGNPS) model is a distributed parameter, continuous simulation model developed to simulate the behavior of watershed or catchments that have agriculture as their primary land use. It is based on the present AGNPS single event model and uses enhanced RUSLE routines. The basic components of the model include hydrology, sedimentation, and chemical transport. The model is cellular based with all characteristic inputs and calculations made at the cell level. Primary capabilities of the model include evaluation of the relative quantity and quality of outflow from a watershed in order to assess their pollution potential, identification of critical areas of nonpoint source pollutant production within a watershed, and evaluation of the effects on watershed outflow by applying alternative management practices on problem areas. A preliminary evaluation of the model on a monitored watershed is presented.

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