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WWRC 93-07
Torrington Area Wellhead Groundwater Problem Identification


This final report contains a listing of the tasks to be performed by the project followed by the results obtained from the project in terms of these tasks.

It was the purpose of this project to develop detailed technical information to aid in the identification of existing and future pollution potential sources of groundwater in the area in and surrounding Torrington, Wyoming and to suggest management practices which might help protect the alluvial groundwater aquifer and wells in the recharge area from possible future contamination. The specific tasks identified for this project are detailed below.

Task one: inventory Database of Groundwater Quantities

The specific deliverables under Task I were: (1) a literature review on aquifer soil materials in and surrounding Torrington to handle possible contaminants produced in the area; (2) a set of maps describing the hydrogeology and land use of the area; and (3) a database on groundwater wells, aquifer characteristics and water quality of the area.
Task Two: Mapping of Groundwater and Pollution
The specific deliverables under Task 2 were: (1) a set of maps describing the location of wells, especially those used for public water supplies, along with water quality information; and (2) a groundwater aquifer water table map.
Task Three: Identification of Possible Groundwater Pollution Areas
The specific deliverable under Task 3 is a report on existing and possible groundwater pollution areas which are or may affect the City of Torrington public water supply and other public water supplies in the area.
Task Four: Suggested Management Practices
The specific deliverable under Task 4 is a report suggesting management practices which the Town of Torrington and DEQ can consider to help develop possible guidelines for a wellhead protection strategy for the area.

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