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WWRC 92-21
Wellhead Protection: Information and Guidelines for Wyoming Municipalities


This final report contains a listing of the tasks to be performed by the project followed by the results obtained from the project in terms of these tasks. Several other items of interest which were developed from the project are also contained in the report and its appendices.

It was the purpose of this project to (1) inventory all the public water supplies in the State of Wyoming that use groundwater as one of their sources for their public water supply; (2) develop basic information on these groundwater resources in so far as possible in terms of aquifer characteristics, types of pollutants already present in the aquifers and vulnerability of the aquifers to possible contamination; and (3) suggest possible wellhead protection strategies for Wyoming public groundwater supplies.

Task One: Information Inventory and Database Development.

The specific objectives under Task I were (1) development of a database design in cooperation with the DEQ that will interface with the Water Resources Data System (WRDS) and contain information that is necessary to help develop a wellhead protection strategy for an area; and (2) collect data from all possible sources for the major municipalities in the state and others as are available through a mail survey and the State Engineer's Office.

Task Two: Aquifer Characteristics and Water Quality

The specific objectives under Task 2 were: (1) classify the different public water supplies as to their degree of vulnerability to possible contamination; and (2) provide more detailed information on those municipal systems that are most vulnerable to contamination.
Task Three: Research Methods for Wellhead Protection
The specific objectives under this task were: (1) development of different alternatives for regulation of wellheads indicating advantages and disadvantages of the alternatives; and (2) developing an encompassing list of actual and potential sources of groundwater pollution and the specific contaminants from these sources that might be expected in Wyoming.
Task Four: Public Meetings and Final Report
The specific objectives of this task were: (1) in cooperation with and under the direction of the Water Quality Division of DEQ, hold a series of public meetings for Wyoming municipalities on the findings of this study and (2) prepare a final report on the project.

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