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Table 1. The following table shows the rating system for each site as a field study site. Rating values are as follows: 0 = no potential, 1 = some potential, but several limiting factors, 2 = high potential, few limiting factors.

SiteField StudyExperimental
Fence Creek21
Johnson Creek12
Labonte Creek12
South Crow Creek00
Cedar Creek00
Cumberland Creek10
Littlefield Creek11
Muddy Creek / Baldy00
Muddy Creek / Sulfer00
Wagonhound Creek21
Bear Creek12
Torrey Creek12
Blue Creek11
Middle Powder River00
Fontenelle Creek11
Blacktail Creek20
Elk Fork Creek11
Lamar River11
Slough River11
Sunlight Creek11
Tongue River00
West Pass Creek00
Fall Creek00
Bone Draw Creek11
Green River12
Beaver Creek21
Camp Creek21
Flat Creek / Refuge21
Flat Creek / South11
Horse Creek21

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