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WWRC 92-01
Fiscal Year 1991 Program Report


Four research projects were directly funded under the FY91 program, as well as information transfer activities. These four research projects relate to important water issues in the region and the State of Wyoming.

Groundwater movement on a yearly basis is more important to subalpine plant community existence than is surface water except in late summer when the surface water is influent to the system. Depth-to-groundwater duration was shown to be important with respect to the existence of certain subalpine riparian plant communities.

Using Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy with specific coatings on fiber optics, it was shown that it is possible to detect aromatic organic compounds in-situ in groundwater and/or the vadose zone. Detection limits should be less than 10 ppb for these compounds using this technique.

Discrete stochastic programming was used to simulate sequential irrigation decisions at Parson, Wyoming for irrigated hay production based on a stochastic allotment of a water short (drought) supply. Marginal reductions in net income resulted but are consistent with estimated water values in irrigated hay production derived from standard linear programming methods.

Radium being discharged from produced groundwater into skimming ponds and then into class 3 and 4 surface water streams in Wyoming tends to decrease in the surface water of the stream with distance from the point of discharge but the sediments in the stream are increasing inradium content away from the point of discharge.

Information transfer was accomplished through professional papers, a newsletter, research briefs, seminars and conferences, a water institute for teachers, extension efforts and database user information available through the WWRC.

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