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WWRC 91-24
Research Findings From Riparian Zone Management on Muddy Creek


The Little Snake River Conservation District leads a riparian zone conservation effort on Muddy Creek near Baggs, Wyoming. Their current memorandum of understanding between private land owners, USDA agencies, BLM, and appropriate state agencies specifies they will coordinate the demonstration of values of riparian zones along Muddy Creek. In the past 5 years, they have documented multiple use land management alternatives for improving water quality. This Conservation District effort grew from the University of Wyoming Range Management Department's research effort establishing the Muddy Creek Experimental Watershed Study Area in 1983.

The Range Management Department is monitoring the Conservation District program by:

  1. measuring streamflow,
  2. measuring tons of sediment deposited in and being transported through degraded, improving, and improved riparian zones,
  3. measuring change in stream channel stability caused by instream wire dams and new growth of riparian vegetation,
  4. measuring increased floodplain forage production and increased storage of ground water for prolonged instream release during drought seasons,
  5. number of individuals informed through extension activities.

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