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WWRC 91-14
Selective-Ultratrace Detection of Metal Ions with SERS


We report the results from experiments involving the detection of metal ions with a Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopic indicator (SERS indicator). Comparisons of metals showed that the SERS effect can be used to selectively detect metal ions according to their ionic radius. We determined a resolving power for separating the alkaline earth series. The results indicate that the resolving power of the SERS approach is superior to that of absorption spectroscopy. Quantitatively, under our experimental conditions, we found a detection limit of 270 ppb for Pb2+ and 85 ppb for Cu2+ with the indicator Eriochrome Black T.

Index Headings: SERS; Ultrasensitive detection; Metal ions; Instru- mentation, Raman spectroscopy; Lasers; Eriochrome Black T.

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