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WWRC 91-01
Wyoming Water Research Center Fiscal Year 1990 Program Report


Four research projects were directly funded under the FY90 program, as well as information transfer activities. Two research projects were funded through the WWRC state grants program as part of the matching contribution. These six research projects relate to important water issues in the region and the State of Wyoming.

Reaction of CO2 under pressure in fly ash and spent oil shale waste materials was shown to lower the pH of the materials and effectively reduced the concentrations of toxic elements (As, B, F, Mn and Se) as well as increasing the native population of microbes.

Movement of aldicarb through the unsaturated zone and in the groundwater of an agricultural area of Wyoming indicates that aldicarb itself is not persistent, but that the sulfoxide and sulfone metabolities of aldicarb may be quite persistent. V.A. mycorrhizal fungi are found to be high in number in target plant species that have a high relative uptake of selenium compared to other low selenium uptake plant species and microorganisms are found which modify the bioavailability of selenium.

A solute transport process in water bodies which can be described mathematically by a nonclassical convection-dispersion model proved an excellent approximation for small dispersion and defined functional relationships for the time-distribution of pollutant concentrations.

Model(s) for estimating evapotranspiration for vegetation commonly irrigated in Wyoming are presently being compared in this two-year study for development of a consumptive use and irrigation water requirement manual for Wyoming. A set of water education curriculum materials for elementary schools in Wyoming have been developed that will require intensive workshops and personnel with water knowledge to test the materials during the third year of this project.

Information transfer was accomplished through professional papers, a newsletter, research briefs, seminars and conferences, a water institute for teachers, extension efforts and database user information available through the WWRC.

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