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WWRC 90-35
Climatic Data Monitoring for Soil Moisture and Runoff Modeling 1987-1990


This report summarizes Wyoming's activities as a member of the High Plains Regional Climate Center. The University of Wyoming cooperated with the University of Nebraska Center for Agricultural Meteorology and Climatology during 1987-90 in the High Plains Regional Climate Center Agreement. The overall objective of Wyoming's participation was to cooperate in the regional efforts of the High Plains Regional Climate Center. Specific objectives were the monitoring of climatic data through maintenance of two automated weather stations and measurement and modeling of soil moisture. Wyoming (a) operated two weather stations, located at Pine Bluffs and Wheatiand, as part of the regional Automated Weather Data Network (AWDN), (b) acquired soil moisture measurements in winter wheat and grass, at Archer and Chugwater during the summers of 1987, 1983, and 1989, and (c) monitored mountain snow pack temperatures during the winters of 1987-88 and 1988-89.

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