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WWRC 90-01
Fiscal Year 1989 Program Report


Four research projects were funded under the FY89 program, as well as an information transfer program. Two projects funded through the WWRC state grants program were submitted as matching. A short statement identifying each project follows:

A technique is presently being tested which will lower the alkalinity of solid waste materials from mining refinery processes to make them more susceptible to reclamation.

Uncertainty analysis and risk evaluation was performed on parameters of a dissolved oxygen (DO) water quality model which show that DO prediction depends on the classification of the stream and the use of a correct probability distribution.

Microorganisms which inhabit the rhizosphere are found to play a major role in the modification of the bioavailability of selenium.

An evaluation of potential toxicity effects of saline discharges from oil production operations on aportion of a stream system in Wyoming has indicated that these saline discharges significantly contribute to observed toxicity. Matching-funds projects are: (a) the study of hydrologic, geomorphic and biologic responses of conveying municipal water through an ephemeral watercourse; and (b) the maintenance of a high mountain watershed observatory for the purposes of hydrologic, water quality, and climatologic research and educational instruction.

Information transfer was accomplished through field tours, professional papers, a newsletter, law journal publications, seminars and updating data and bibliographic information sources.

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