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WWRC 89-21
Reliability Analysis of Systems


9.1 Simple Systems
9.1.1 Series Systems
9.1.2 Chain-Series Systems
9.1.3 Parallel Systems
9.1.4 Standby Redundancy

9.2 Complex Systems
9.2.1 State-Enumeration Methods
9.2.2 Network-Reduction Methods
9.2.3 Path-Enumeration Methods
9.2.4 Conditional-Probability Approach
9.2.5 Review of System Reliability Evaluation Techniques for Complex Systems
9.2.6 Multistate Systems with Multistate Components

9.3 Fault - Tree Analysis
9.3.1 Fault-Tree Construction
9.3.3 Evaluation of Fault Trees

9.4 Application and Comparison of Methods
9.4.1 Application and Comparison of Methods

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