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Chapter 7
Summary and Conclusions

This thesis has examined the evidence for recharge to the Paleozoic aquifer along the east flank of the Laramie Range in Laramie County, Wyoming.

The amount of water entering outcrops of rocks which comprise the Paleozoic aquifer was estimated by a water budget analysis conducted on the North Fork of Horse Creek. This study showed that no significant recharge to the Paleozoic rocks occurred during the two years of record. The results from this stream are considered representative of other streams which flow across outcrops of Paleozoic rocks in the area in a similar structural environment.

The geologic framework was examined in conjunction with the shape of the potentiometric surface in order to learn if recharge to the Paleozoic aquifer can circulate from the recharge area to the basin interior. The recharge area, from Horse Creek to the southern boarder of the study area is hydrologically isolated from the rest of the aquifer by an impermeable thrust zone. This thrust zone effectively prohibits recharge from circulating into the basin interior. The recharge area to the north of Horse Creek does not appear to be separated from the rest of the aquifer. Conceivably, recharge could circulate to the basin interior under the influence of a east-southeast hydraulic gradient.

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