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WWRC 88-04
Structural Obstruction of Recharge to the Paleozoic Aquifer in the Denver Paleozoic Aquifer in the Denver-Julesburg Basin Along the Laramie Range, Wyoming



The purpose of this thesis is to examine the evidence for groundwater recharge to the Paleozoic aquifer along the east flank of the Laramie Range, Laramie County, Wyoming.


The city of Cheyenne, in Laramie County, Wyoming, is anticipating a greater need for water in the near future due to the expansion of F. E. Warren Air Force Base. The Paleozoic aquifer has been identified as a potential water resource in Laramie County by several reconnaissance level studies including Eisen and others (1980), U.S. Forest Service (1981), and Western Water Consultants, Inc. (1982). Little has been done to examine, in detail, the production potential of this aquifer. This thesis attempts to further what is known about the Paleozoic aquifer by examining the evidence for recharge to it.

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