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WWRC 88-03
Evaluation of Procedures to Measure Intragravel Water Velocity in Streambeds


Four techniques for measuring intragravel water velocity (IWV) in streambeds and salmonid redds were evaluated for accuracy, precision, and reliability for field application by research and management agencies. The Mark VI dye dilution technique (Terhune 1958) was correlated (P < 0.05) with IWV but its precision was insufficient to consistently distinguish between IWV's of 0-50 cm/h. Time-of-travel techniques demonstrated potential for measurement of undisturbed substrate, but were not reliable in field conditions. Calculations with mini-piezometers (Lee and Cherry, 1978) were not correlated with IWV, and the method of Bovee and Cochnauer (1977) was not correlated with IWV estimated by Mark VI dye dilution. Because of measurement imprecision, natural variability within the substrate, and poor understanding of its importance, field measurement of IWV is not recommended for monitoring the incubation environment of salmonid embryos.

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