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WWRC 87-28
Summary of Muddy Creek Surface Water and Sediment Transport Data 1984-1986


Five streamflow gaging stations have been installed and are maintained by the Wyoming Water Research Center (WWRC) on Muddy Creek, a cold desert stream in southcentral Wyoming. The purpose of the stations is to monitor change in the surface water and sediment transport characteristics of the stream in response to riparian restoration efforts currently being undertaken in the basin by the University of Wyoming Range Management Department in cooperation with several state, federal and private groups.

The objective of the report is to present 1) a general characterization of the watershed, 2) a description of each gaging station, 3) an outline of the methods used for field data collection, and 4) a summary of all surface water and sediment data collected for Water Years 1984, 1985 and 1986. As the Muddy Creek riparian restoration program is a long-term effort, this report is presented in loose-leaf format so that data for subsequent water years can be easily added.

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